Route your deliveries for in-house, or third-party carriers. GrowerLive integrates with Appian Logistics' Direct Route and PC Miler to give you precise and efficient routes. Drag and drop deliveries from one route to another, assign and track carriers, and automatically create carrier documents.

We have also introduced a routing feature that uses Google Maps. This allows you to route all orders with out the cost of 3rd party software.

GrowerLive Routing System works seamlessly with the entire suite of GrowerLive™ products, or can integrate with your existing software.

Here are some features of GrowerLive™ Routing System:

  • Drag and drop changes directly integrate with Direct Route.  Print Carrier reports.

  • Assign Carriers and schedule pick-up day and time

  • Schedule Merchandiser routes and shipments.

  • Hold Merchandisers accountable through handheld device event tracking, or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) merchandiser tracking
  • Customizable Reports

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