Intelligent Replenishment allows growers to increase sales and reduce shrink. You will know what to stock at each customer location for optimum sell thru based on available space at the store. GrowerLiveIntelligent Replenishment System uses our own proprietary Evolutionary Algorithm. The technology's ability to constantly tune itself, organically moving towards greater degrees of efficiency, makes it a truly powerful tool. Even as factors such as seasons gradually shift, GrowerLive™ Intelligent Replenishment System can determine the actual profitability of each product and weight top producers' orders accordingly!

  • View all information at your finger tips, and intelligently replenish each stores inventory accordingly.

GrowerLiveIntelligent Replenishment System works with the entire suite of GrowerLive™ products or can integrate with your existing software.

Here are some features of GrowerLiveIntelligent Replenishment System:

  • Place orders from your farm.

  • Plan shipping containers for each delivery assuring constant stocking levels.

  • Forecasts demand and balances sell-thru using techniques from machine learning and market analysis.
  • Daily SKU sales, inventory, and credit counts at each customer location.

  • Store display images taken by merchandisers.

  • Weather Forecast for each store location

  • Fully Customizable Reports

  • Generate Pick tickets, Pull Sheets, Labels

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