Keep track of your merchandisers, and get the information you need in real time. Whether you use third-party merchandisers, or your own delivery personnel for merchandising, GrowerLive Merchandiser System provides your Order-writer with all of the real-time information they need to determine the store’s needs. There is no proprietary hardware required. Merchandiser’s can use any smart phone or web browser enabled device. Merchandisers can place orders from the store or orders can be written/approved at the farm.

GrowerLiveMerchandiser System works seamlessly with the entire suite of GrowerLive™ products, or can integrate with your existing software.

Here are some features of GrowerLiveMerchandiser System:

  • Integrates with third-party merchandisers using any Internet capable device.

  • Place orders from any Internet capable device.

  • Schedule Merchandiser routes and shipments.

  • Instant access to store inventory counts, credits, and display images.
  • Real time data access. No uploads or synchronization.
  • Suggested replenishment using techniques from machine learning and market analysis.
  • Merchandiser accountability tracking through handheld events or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) merchandiser tracking
  • Reports


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