GrowerLive provides the inventory and merchandising control necessary for profitability in a Pay-By-Scan relationship with any size retailer.  

GrowerLive was developed in close collaboration with numerous growers that supplies hundreds of “Big Box” retailers. Although specifically developed for growers that are engaged in Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Pay-By-Scan, it can be used for many different inventory management situations. Our application allows growers to visit their customer locations virtually, and make precise and timely restocking decisions based on real-time data. As a result, growers using GrowerLive increase profits by:

  • Reducing shrinkage
  • Maintaining easy access
  • Controling store inventories and displays
  • Restocking to accurate levels with precise rate of sale data.

Too often, talented members of your team spend their time gathering data, entering data, and crunching numbers.  GrowerLive saves you money and time by reducing the burden of:

  • Accurately importing data
  • Writing orders
  • Preparing pick, pack, and pull tickets
  • Delivery routing
  • Dispatching and transportation

 Growers have proven that shrink and markdowns have been reduced by 10% or more, by utilizing the Dashboard to accurately stock each store to its optimum level and rate of sale.

GrowerLive has been successfully implemented by major growers over the last 12 years.

GrowerLive™ is completely hosted and supported by our 24/7, 16,000 square foot, Tier 3 data center which is an enterprise-level facility. Your data is stored on a secure server, and your database is not shared with anyone else. This means you don't have to worry about costs related to in-house server maintenance, up-time, updates, backups, or software support.

GrowerLive is written using the Microsoft ASP.Net and SQL Server platform. It can be interfaced with any other system you may be using.

GrowerLive can be costomized to fit your exact needs

There is little, or no up-front cost. GrowerLive is sold as a subscription-based application. You pay a monthly, and there is no contract commitment. You can stop at any time.

GrowerLive support staff is professional, well trained, responsive, and has a proven track record. Read our testimonials!

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