March 2016

GrowerLive now allows you to intelligently build racks while maximizing space. Each product is assigned an "Items Per Shelf" and "Shelves Per Rack". When Rack Pick Tickets are generated, the most efficient layout is used.

June 2015 Google Maps Routing

GrowerLive now allows you to route all of your orders at once for each farm and assign carriers. We have integrated with Google Maps to show routes and driving directions.

May 2012 Lowes Pay-By-Scan

GrowerLive now accommodates Lowes Pay-By-Scan. EDI documents for Daily Scans come directly into GrowerLive from the EDI VAN

January 2012 Wal-Mart Pay-By-Scan

GrowerLive now accommodates Wal-Mart Pay-By-Scan. EDI documents for Scans and weekly Scan totals come directly into GrowerLive.

2/1/11 Integrated Routing

GrowerLive™ now incorporates routing and optimization features that integrate with Appian Direct Route™ and PC Miler™ to give you precise truck routing throughout the nation. Print driving directions, load sheets, BOLs and more.

1/1/10 SOD Version Release

GrowerLive™ now offers a SOD version specifically tailored to SOD growers. Cut Sheets are automatically generated; SOD weights and weigh overrides are automatically used in routing depending on state weight restrictions and daily weight of SOD cutting.

11/1/09 Management Dashboard Integration

GrowerLive™ now offers a graphical Dashboard where key management sales and inventory information can be viewed on mobile devices.

12-1-08 GrowerLive Offers a Suite of Individual Products

GrowerLive™ now contains a tightly integrated suite of products that manages farm inventory and plugs growers into their sales locations. Use only the functionality you need, or leverage the entire suite for the most comprehensive grower management solution on the market today

8-28-08 GrowerLive Profiled Again in Big Grower Magazine

GrowerLive is profiled a 2nd time along with Riverview Flower Farm's success story in Big Grower Magazine (Article). Quote: Take a big nursery — I could name 100 — and if they increased their replenishment efficiency by about 5 percent, this would be a godsend to them,” Rick says. “It all goes back to our philosophy: Let’s work hard; let’s work as efficiently as possible and get it done. GrowerLive fits right in with that mold.

8-15-08 GrowerLive Announces Plans for Added Functionality

GrowerLive continues to improve and expand functionality and we are currently working on features such as:

  • Customer specific reports for regions, depts., sub class, etc.
  • Grower consolidation features including real time availability from satellite growers to single source growers
  • Robust production module

8-1-08 GrowerLive Adds Artificial Intelligence

Suggested Orders: Forcasts demand and balances sell-through using techniques from machine learning and market analysis

7-20-07 GrowerLive Web Based Demos Available

GrowerLive now has web based demos available on a schedule basis. This interactive demo is an actual working copy of the application. The user logs into our secure sever and is guided through the system features and functionality with a GrowerLive Staff member. People wanting to view a demo can contact GrowerLive to schedule an appointment date and time. You will need a Windows XP Pro or Vista PC to view the demo

7-14-07 GrowerLive Exhibited at the 2007 OFA Short Course Trade Show

GrowerLive demonstrated it’s latest web based version at the 2007 OFA Short Course and trade show at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus Ohio. The demonstrations gathered a tremendous interest from national growers and retail garden center grower representatives. Rick Brown from Riverview Flower Farm presented their “Pay-by-Scan and Profits: How to Make It Work” short course which highlighted GrowerLive. After the seminar was over, the Grower Live booth was flooded with growers wanting to see more.

GrowerLive Introduces EDI Functionality to Support Pay-By-Scan (January 2005)

Grower Live participates in Big-Box Retailer's pilot Pay-By-Scan program. Functionality is added to integrate with EDI data that captures store SKU sales on a daily bases. The PBS sales history is integrated into Grower Live to show store turns and rate of sale.

GrowerLive Extends Functionality to Merchandisers in the Field (March 2002)

When wireless Web PDA's hit the market, these device were used for reminders, scheduling, and games. We decided to use the devices for a real world business solution. Merchandisers in the field, now use these devices to see real-time availability, place orders, and inventory each store

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