GrowerLive is the all-inclusive inventory management solution for growers facing the inevitable transition to Pay By Scan(PBS) consignment methods employed by “Big Box” retailers such as The Home Depot, Lowes and Wal-Mart..

With real-time Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) control and automated Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) information processing, this tightly integrated suite of products equips growth-minded greenhouses and farms to make Pay By Scan consignment a profitable deviation from “business as usual.”

Whether you are using traditional sales methods, or new Pay-By-Scan and VMI methods, GrowerLive allows you to manage inventory remotely for any customer location that has EDI capability. You can use only the functionality you need, or leverage the entire suite for the most comprehensive grower management application on the market today.

GrowerLiveNursery System

  • Count farm availability with any internet capable device.
  • Release products to sell as needed.
  • Distribute availability differently by season, customer, and/or market.
  • Mark products as must sell.
  • Satellite or Contract nursery real-time availability.

GrowerLiveIntelligent Replenishment System

  • Place orders from your farm.
  • View all information and intelligently replenish each store's inventory, at your finger tips.
  • Forecast demand and balance sell-through using techniques from machine learning and market analysis.
  • Suggested replenishment based on current sell-through and previous year's history

GrowerLiveMerchandiser System

  • Integrate with third-party merchandisers using any Internet capable device.
  • Place orders from any Internet capable device.
  • Schedule Merchandiser routes and shipments.
  • Instant access to store inventory counts, credits, and display images.
  • Real time data access. No uploads or synchronization.
  • Suggested replenishment using techniques from machine learning and market analysis.
  • Merchandiser accountability through handheld event entries or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) merchandiser tracking.

GrowerLiveAccounting Interface

  • Automatically create Receivables from EDI Scan data.
  • Automatically create Credits and Payments from EDI Remittance data.
  • Integegrates seamlessly with your current accounting software.

GrowerLiveIntegrated Routing and Optimization

  • Automatically route and optimize loads.
  • Print driving directions.
  • Adjust for state weight requirements.

GrowerLiveProduction System (3rd Qtr 2012)

  • Forecast planting schedules.
  • Just In Time (JIT) inventory ordering.
  • Accurate inventory by age of each item.
  • Analyze profitability by crop.
  • Dollars per square foot cost reporting.
  • Production task reports
  • Bar Code tracking

GrowerLive is a subscription service that is 100% web-based, making it an affordable and flexible tool. There is nothing to install or maintain, and no annual contract commitments! An internet browser and internet connectivity are all thats required. Subscribers' data is stored on a secure server and backed up, reducing user maintenance to virtually nothing.

GrowerLive is developed and supported by Innovative Technologies Group, Inc. which has been in Business for over 18 years.

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May 2012 Lowes Pay-By-Scan

GrowerLive now accommodates Lowes Pay-By-Scan. EDI documents for Scans and weekly Scan totals come directly into GrowerLive from the EDI VAN


January 2012 Wal-Mart Pay-By-Scan

GrowerLive now accommodates Wla-Mart Pay-By-Scan. EDI documents for Scans and weekly Scan totals come directly into GrowerLive from the EDI VAN


2/1/11 Routing integration

GrowerLive now incorporates routing and optimization features that integrate with Appian Direct Route™ and PC Miler™ to give you precise truck routing throughout the nation.


1/1/10 SOD Version release

GrowerLive now offers a SOD version specifically tailored to SOD growers. Cut Sheets are automatically generated; SOD weights and weigh overrides are automatically used in routing depending on state weight restrictions and daily weight of SOD cutting.